Friday, November 2, 2007

New Entry!

Friday, September 28, 2007

UU Ad Contest -- New Deadline!

In light of the UU Ad campaign in Time magazine and the request of several folks who said, in effect ... "But summer just flew by and I didn't have tiiiiime ..." I am reopening the UU Ad Contest. Deadline: January 15.

So, c'mon, UUs. Create a great viral video! Spread the good news! Yours may be a small light, but uncover it, let it shine to .... oh, you know!

And help me spread the news about the contest, y'all and youse guys.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And the contest is on!

First contestant --

A simple, elegant entry from Jules/UU Deist in Texas.

Jules' Ad

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Okay, here's the fantasy: some incredibly wonderful person has donated 2.6 million dollars so that we can run one ad promoting Unitarian Universalism, during the Superbowl.

So, get out your video camera, crank up your video-editing software, and let's see what you've got.

Rules/How it Works

1) Create your video advertisement for Unitarian Universalism. It must be 30 seconds long, no shorter, no longer.

2) Upload your video to You Tube.

3) An impartial committee (which will include at least one non-UU) will seek to find the best of the bunch. Criteria: an ad that would entice someone who is not UU (and probably doesn't know what UU is) to seek out more information, and hopefully go to a UU church near them.

4) After you upload your video, come here and put a link in comments. You can do this with your name, anonymously ... whatever.


GRAND PRIZE: Major bragging rights. And if your ad is truly sublime, truly has the power to change the world ... well, who knows?